GoldDragonOptics is a professional manufacturer of precision optics and precision optical Lens.GoldDragonOptics is located in ChangChun, Jilin---- Optical base of China.
    GoldDragonOptics was founded in 2000 . Our company has developed into a modern optical company of design, producing, sales with development and innovation.
    Main productions are Optical lens, Optics, Coating and Optical Design Service.

Optical lens
    Optical lens include telecentric lens, beam expander lens and machine vision lens. Mainly used in optical-electric instruments, medical equipment, financial equipment, teaching equipment, semiconductor, optical communications, laser application, etc.
    GoldDragonOptics is the largest manufacturer of standard optics in China. Main products are various kinds of spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, optical prism, mirror, filter from optical glass, optical crystal and melt quartz material , etc.Tens of thousands lenses in stock now .
    Coating products mainly include AR coating (UV, visible and near infrared), Dielectric High-reflecting coating (single point, broadband), metal High-reflecting coating (gold, silver, aluminum, chromium), beam split coating(dichroic, half-reflection and half-transmission, polarized light) and filter (narrowband 10 nm, bandpass 40nm,narrow pass), all sorts of difficult and high precise optical coating.
Optical Design Service
    GoldDragonOptics has best team of optical design to provide optical system design and special industry lens custom service for the general customers. We will all-round meet your various demands.

  Excellent  team  in  Optics,Machine  and
Electricity.  Making  excellent   products
for customer by optical  machines, coating
machines and high accuracy testing device.



  In  order to be a best manufacturer  of
optical products, the sincerity should be
the  first for enterprise culture. Making
Brand  by studying,communication and self
-transcendence.  Steady   and   effective development is our foundation.

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